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Technology centre

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The development of shredding technology in the company is based on the results of prototype, pilot, and trial runs of equipment, which are performed in the company's own technology centre. Hence, the high quality of supplied products and their consequent adaptation to the customer's requirements are guaranteed. The multifunctional utilisation of the technology centre represents a unique solution in Slovakia, which enables ING. ČASTULÍK to maintain its leading position in the shredding equipment market.
Shredding Technology Tests
This is the primary utilisation of the technology centre, which is focused on adapting supplied technology to the customer's requirements. The customer is present at the trial grinding of material samples. Before purchasing the equipment, the customer has the opportunity to become thoroughly acquainted with its function, method of operation, and maintenance requirements, and decide upon any possible modifications. Customers therefore have the opportunity to convince themselves of the correctness of their investment, directly on the premises of ING. ČASTULÍK.
Technological lines delivery
Ample experience in the application of material disintegration and separation technology enables ING. ČASTULÍK to provide comprehensive solutions to its customers in the area of waste upgrading and recycling. We supply turnkey technological lines for waste processing, whereby we follow our business concept: We Produce Machines – We Provide Solutions. The following technologies are available as standard: alternative solid fuel production line; a waste PET bottle processing line; a cable and electro-scrap recovery line; an oil filter processing line.
The Utilisation of Plastics
In addition to grinding materials for commercial reasons, the company also offers its customers the capacity of its technology centre for the one-off or repeated grinding of material. The size of the ground material depends on the customer's requirements.