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TwinShaft shredders - DR340 series

TwinShaft shredder DR340
Distance between rotor axes340 mm
Shredding disc width78 to 118 mm
Number of hooks per disc2 to 5
Number of shredding discs13 to 55
Shredding chamber850 x 900 to 2000 mm
Max. inlet1800 x 4000 mm
Rotor speed9 to 32 1/min
Motor input52 to 200 kW
Equipment weight10 000 to 20 000 kg
Section plan3,2 x 4 to 6,5 m
Equipment height3,2 m
Shredders of the DR340 series represent the strongest production line, being manufactured at Ing. Častulík, Ltd. The robust mechanical design, two high-power separate electric drives providing high torques determine them for the heavy-duty applications. The company Ing. Častulík, Ltd. offers tailor-made transportation technology for input and output of the processed material.

Similarly to the medium series DR240 shredders, the shredders DR340 of the heavy duty series can be also employed in a wide variety of applications that require a high capacity of the device and a high shredding power. They can process thick metal and plastic containers, large metal chips produced by machining, cardboard and different kinds of loosen paper waste, paper pipes, bulk waste and municipal waste (car tyres, large household appliances, carpets, mattresses), barrels with contents, different kinds of wooden waste - tree trunks, limbs, wooden panels and packages, pallets and the like. Besides, these shredders are used for processing thick electric cables, steel plates up to 6 mm thick and other leathery hardly shreddable waste.

If the heavy-duty series of shredders DR340 exceeds requirements of your application due to its high capacity and power, we recommend a medium series of shredders DR240 respectively the light series of DR160 shredders. Our technology centre is ready to help you to select the most proper shredding technology to fit your needs in the best way..