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TwinShaft shredders - DR160 series

TwinShaft shredder DR160 TwinShaft shredder DR160 TwinShaft shredder DR160
Distance between rotor axes160 mm
Shredding disc width9 to 28 mm
Number of hooks per disc2 to 5
Number of shredding discs10 to 66
Shredding chamber400 x 350 to 600 mm
Max. inlet1200 x 1000 mm
Rotor speed14 to 41 1/min
Motor input7,5 to 22 kW
Equipment weight700 to 1700 kg
Section plan2 x 1,4 to 2,3 m
Equipment height2,2 m
Light series twin-shaft shredders DR160 serve for disintegration of well shreddable objects. In spite of the small size of the shredding chamber and small motor input the shredders offer wide range of applications. They can process metal and plastic containers, wood, crates, metal chips produced by machining, cardboard, loosen paper waste, paper stacks, books, paper pipes, wooden pallet pieces, municipal waste, plastic processing waste, cables and the like.

Shredders of the DR160 series excel with a small electric input but provide a relatively high torque at shafts carrying shredding discs. One drive is employed; the torque is transmitted to shafts via gear transmission. The control system can control the drive of the load-up and lift-up conveyors.

If the light series of twin-shaft shredders DR160 does not meet your requirements, we recommend more powerful and bigger machines of DR240 or DR340 series. Our technology centre is ready to help you to select the most proper shredding technology to fit your needs in the best way.