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Granulators - in general

MN300 granulator MN300 granulator MN300 granulator MN300 granulator
Rotor diameter [mm]300400
Length of knives[mm]400600/900
Number of stator knives22
Number of rotor knives3-53-5
Rotor speed [rev/min]700700
Inlet [mm]300 x 400400x600/900
Motor input [kW]1530 to 55
Performance [kg/h]300 - 600to 1200
Equipment weight [kg]7002000 / 2800
Equipment width [mm]9501500
Equipment depth [mm]11251500
Equipment height [mm]15602300
We provide the granulators in two basic variants: MN and SG series.
Plastic articles producers
By granulation of the plastic production waste producer reprocess the plastic material to a form of the grain, which returns to the process of injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion applications. The granulators can handle rejected plastic articles, large and thick waste associated with injection moulding applications as well as tops, tails, reject bottles and hot parison waste common to blow moulding processes.
Recycling company processing plastic waste
Plastic waste recyclers collect and process wide range of plastic waste: all kinds of production waste, plastic packaging and domestic plastic waste like PET bottles, PE bottles and LDPE film. The products of plastic waste recyclers are plastic grains, granulate or plastic products like tubes, sheets and films. The granulators stay at first stage of any plastic waste recycling lines and technologies.
Recycling company processing rubber waste
Rubber waste processors collect and process rubber production waste or car and lorry tires. They produce rubber grains or rubber powder, which are used like secondary raw material in large field of industry.
Wasted cables processors
Cables are shred and granulated. From granulated cables are selected grains of copper or aluminium by special separator. Very good business!