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Twin-Shaft Shredders - examples of application

Twin-Shaft Shredder DR160 Twin-Shaft Shredder DR120 Four-Shaft ShredderARIES Twin-Shaft Shredder DR160
    Four reasons why to use the twin shaft shredder:
  • 1. volume reducing
  • 2. size reducing
  • 3. destroying
  • 4. processing within recycling
We provide the twin-shaft shredders in four basic variants: mini, light, medium and heavy-duty series.
    Industry in general
  • cardboards, plastic films, Styrofoam
  • turning chips (aluminum, steel)
  • plastic and steel barrels
  • PC scrap, cables, filters
  • glass (bottles, windows, etc.)
    Pharmaceutical industry
  • rejected cosmetics, refused medicaments
  • laboratory waste
    Chemical industry
  • used empty bags and big-bags
    Hotels, restaurants, cook shops
  • leftovers, bones, cans, crates
  • plastic bottles etc.
  • syringes, used bandages
  • gloves, paper clothes, plastic pipes etc.
  • used empty bags and big-bags
    Banks, offices
  • paper, paper stacks, documents, folders
  • diskettes, magnetic tapes, CDs, video tapes etc.
    Motorcar industry
  • bumpers shredding, carpets, spotlights, panel boards, oil filters