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Single-Shaft shredders PICUS

Single-shaft shredder PICUS
Main drive input (kW)11/15/18,5
Hydraulic system input (kW)0,75
Rotor diameter (mm)210
Rotor speed (1/min)96
Rotor cutting knives (pcs)14
The feeding opening (mm)698x900
The diameter of the suction pipe (mm)160
The air velocity of pneumatic transport (m/s)28
Weight (kg)900
Holes in the screen (mm)12-40
App. power at the device input (m3/ h)cca 1 - 3
PICUS is the low-speed single-shaft shredder, designed for small and medium-sized joinery com-panies and woodworking companies. It processes wooden scraps to chips suitable for combustion in automatic boilers or for briquetting.
PICUS structurally follows the technically more complex and more robust shredder CASTOR. Adapts from it years proven design elements:
  • - square-shaped rotor knives (they are rotatable to allow the use of four blades),
  • - rack-shaped fixed blade (can be rotated as well),
  • - exchangeable screen,
  • - infeed hopper with automatic pressing mechanism,
  • - active control system with reversal by rotor overload.
The machine processes wood, chipboard, paper, cardboard, plastics, rubber, textiles and the like.