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Single-Shaft shredders CASTOR

Single-Shaft shredder CASTOR Single-Shaft shredder CASTOR
Single-Shaft shredder CASTOR Single-Shaft shredder CASTOR
Feed opening [mm]1200x6001200x1024
Infeed hopper volume0,4 m30,6 m3
Screen size [mm]12 - 10012 - 100
Rotor diameter [mm]350350
Rotor length [mm]560994
Rotor speed [rpm]9090
Power [kW]15 - 3030
Rotor knives2442
Weight [kg]23003300
Floor plan w x l [mm]1560x18401860x1976
Total height [mm]21802180
CASTOR is single shaft shredder designated for shredding of cables, wood, plastics, paper, textile, rubber and similar materials to the grain size from 12 mm. The screen located in bottom of the shredder defines the size of the shredded material. The machine can shred material with mixture of minerals and steel in the form of nails, sheets and the like.
CASTOR is equipped with pushing system. Pusher periodically pushes shredded material to the rotor. Control system checks the rotor loading, at the shredder overloading the pushing is interrupted and system keeps the shredder on smooth running.

Flat square knives enter to the holders and the couple is mounted to the flat rotor. Turning knives allow utilizing of all four knife edges. Adjustable counter knives are fixed to the wall of the shredding chamber.
Technical details:
Shredder tolls
Flat square knives
Knife holders
Counter knives
Massive tipping seating
Control system