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Wood, cardboard, straw, paper

granulator granulator twin-shaft shredder twin-shaft shredder
wood, straw, paper for briquetting - granulators MN
This type of granulator is well used for wood, straw and paper grinding to the grain suitable for briquetting. It is necessary for fine grinding of wet chip to the grain suitable for briquetting or pellet production. Materials that may be ground by the granulator include plastics; rubber; leather, bones, horn,...

paper for briquetting - twin-shaft shredders DR120/160
Shredders DR120 and DR160 are fine intended for wood shredding, paper shredding and cardboard shredding. They can process metal and plastic cans, crates of fruit, metal chips produced by machining, paper pipes, wooden pallets, municipal waste, plastic production waste, cables, etc. Shredding chamber of DR120 and DR160 shredders can contain a screen.

paper, wood for burning - DR120/160, CASTOR