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Granulators - SG series

Granulator SG400 Granulator SG400 Granulator SG400 Granulator SG400 Granulator SG400 Granulator SG400
Rotor diameter [mm]400
Length of knives [mm]600 resp. 900
Number of stator knives2
Number of rotor knives3 to 5
Frequency of rotation of the rotor [1/min]700
Input of electromotor [kW]30-55
Power of the device [kg/h]to 1200
Weight of the device [kg]2000 resp. 2800
Dimensions of the input opening [mm]400 x 600 resp. 900
Section plan of the device [mm]1500 x 1500
Height of the device [mm]2300
Granulators of the SG series represent already the third evolutionary generation of the granulators produced by Ing. Častulík company. The SG series directly refers to the previous series of granulators designated as MN. The customer now gets the device with a respectable added value that comprises long term experience of the Ing. Častulík company with the design, production and efficient operation of shredding machines. This type of granulator is intended for processing plastics and rubber materials in various forms, e.g. mouldings, pipes, profiles and plates. When following certain conditions, it can be used for processing of wood, straw, bones, paper, leather, cables, aluminum and fibrous or porous materials.
Important notice:
Proper configuration of the shredding device significantly depends on properties of the processed material. Therefore when selecting a shredding device, it is very suitable to cooperate with the qualified personnel of Ing. Častulík company.

Technical details:
Welded mounted frame
Split dump
Latch on the seating of the sieve
Hydraulic opening of the shredding chamber
Access to rotor and stator knives
Seating of the sieve
Interlocked joint of pulley and fly wheel with rotor
Extra robust hinges of clapper parts
Express adjustment of knives
Fixing of rotor
Load control system