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Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyor DOP

Belt width [mm]Power input [kW]Length [m]
DOP3503501,12 to 12
DOP5005001,12 to 8
5001,58 to 12
DOP6506501,12 to 7
6501,57 to 10
6502,210 to 12
DOP8008001,52 to 6
8002,26 to 12
The basic product offer of Ing. Častulík, s.r.o. consists of shredding technology and waste processing technologies. Belt conveyors used for inter-operational transportation of material are an inseparable part of technological lines and waste processing workplaces. DOP series belt conveyors, which are offered by Ing. Častulík, s.r.o., are intended for the transportation of bulk, non-adhesive materials in light and medium operation. We adapt the basic construction of these machines to the application requirements of the customer. The optional parameters of offered belt conveyors do not only include the width of the conveyor belt and nominal length of the conveyor, but also the drive power input and conveyor speed, the dimensions and shape of the infeed hopper or discharge hopper, or the height of the side wall. The conveyor belt can be smooth or it may have embedded plastic carriers. The conveyor is supplied without a stand or equipped with a solid support, a solid support with an adjustable conveyor tilt, or an undercarriage on wheels is manufactured for the conveyor. If the customer takes advantage of the offered possibility of mounting a magnetic drum to the conveyor driving head, our belt conveyor may serve as a separator for magnetic metals. The speed of the belt can be regulated by changing the frequency of rotation of the driving electric motor by means of an installed frequency changer.