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Granulators - MN series

MN300 granulator MN300 granulator MN300 granulator MN300 granulator MN300 granulator
Rotor diameter [mm]300
Length of knives [mm]400
Number of stator knives2
Number of rotor knives3-5
Rotor speed [rev/min]700
Inlet [mm]300 x 400
Motor input [kW]15
Granulator performance [kg/h]300 - 600
Equipment weight [kg]700
Equipment width [mm]950
Equipment depth [mm]1125
Equipment height [mm]1560
The material is ground in the granulator on the linear cutting edge of working tools, which are located on the machine rotor and stator. The working tools on the stator are made up of two flat blades; three such blades are fixed to the rotor carriers. Technology with five rotor blades may be supplied if the customer wishes so. The stator and rotor blades are arranged in such a way that they form a certain angle with the rotor axis, which results in a shear effect. Compared with the conventional parallel arrangement, the aforementioned arrangement results in a reduction of energy consumption and machine noise. A mesh screen situated under the rotor plane is used to determine the required dimension of the grinding equipment's output. The screen meshes may have a diameter of 8, 10, 12, or 15 mm, depending on the customer's specifications. Materials that may be ground by the granulator to the required dimensions include plastic bottles; plastic pots; plastic film, plates, pipes, and girders; plastic waste in the form of flow moulds, discards, edgings, and foam; rubber; leather, bones, keratin, etc.
In order to make the choice of suitable equipment easier, ING. ČASTULÍK offers professional consultancy, which also includes the trial processing of supplied samples in the company's technology centre. After carrying out the tests, the parameters of the equipment are optimised so as to achieve maximum compliance with the customer's requirements. This also includes the adaptation of the machine frame and its feed hopper, all based on the customer's specifications.
Our company also offers appropriate accessories targeted at further increasing the effectiveness of the granulator: an exhaust fan for the pneumatic transportation of the ground material; a cyclone for the direct filling of the material into bags; a feed hopper with noise elimination, and a bag or big-bag holder.