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Twin-Shaft Shredders - DR120

Twin-Shaft Shredder DR120 Twin-Shaft Shredder DR120
Distance between rotor axes120 mm
Shredding disc width18 to 28 mm
Number of hooks per disc2 to 5
Number of shredding discs12 to 90
Shredding chamber300 x 350
Rotor speed14 to 41 1/min
Max. torque1,5 kNm
Motor input2,2 to 7,5 kW
Weight650 to 750 kg
Section plan1,1 x 1,4 m
Total height2,8 m
DR120_Mini is the smallest twin-shaft shredder produced by the company Ing. Častulík, Ltd.. This machine is extra useful for the users, which are looking for the solution for decreasing of waste treatment costs. After shredding the bulky material often fills only 10% of original volume. Utility attributes guarantee fast recoverability of invested money and than savings of waste treatment costs. This machine can shred wooden and plastic crates and boxes, plastic and steel canisters and buckets, cans from paints, thinners or another chemicals. The equipment can shred various forms of plastic or rubber waste: films, bottles, cans, sheets, profiles, castings or die-castings.

For applications, which need stronger shredding equipment our company offers bigger twin-shaft shredders: DR160, DR240 and DR340 series.

Important notice. Proper configuration of the shredding device significantly depends on properties of the processed material. Therefore when selecting a shredding device, it is very suitable to cooperate with the qualified personnel of Ing. Častulík company.
Twin-Shaft Shredder DR120