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Tyre shredding

Tyre shredding - TyreChip

Item 1: Belt conveyor DOP900/5500
Item 2: Twin-shaft shredder DR240/900
Item 3: Belt conveyor DOP650/3000
Item 4: Roll screen ROLLSTER 950/3300_1,5kW
Item 5: Belt conveyor DOP650/2500
Item 6: Belt conveyor DOP650/3500/3000

Grain size: chips (10-50mm)
Input power: 41-104 kW
Capacity: 800-4000 kg/h
Ground plan: 6600x5000 mm
Tyre processing line TyreChip is used for passenger car and light utility vehicles tires shredding to the grain size up to 50 mm. Tires are shred in the twin-shaft shredder DR240. Shred is sorted in roll screen ROLLSTER to the final grain size. The body of the tyre is shredding in twin-shaft shredder as much as the roll screen returns it back to the shredder via the belt conveyor system. In the case of shredding the heavy goods/long haul trucks the line must be supplemented with pre-shredder DR340. Extraction of wire bead before the shredding is recommended.